Both children are sick. I can hear the boy coughing every 5 minutes or so – in his sleep – the poor thing. I can’t say poor “little” thing anymore because he is 8 years old now! He is no little boy, but he is still my little boy. I mentally note the times when we are walking in public and he goes to hold my hand while we walk through the crowds, even though i don’t make him. I know he would still hold my hand if I just turned my palm towards him, it’s instinctive, I think. For me too. I just turn my palm out behind me,  knowing that either he or his sister is close on my heels, and they instinctively grab my hand. I wonder if this is the same for every mom or dad? I don’t even need to look at them, it’s just automatic.

Anyway, they both have fevers tonight. Thankfully tomorrow is a holiday and they can sleep it off – although I know they will both be up at 6:45 because their little bodies are accustomed to that wake up time. I’ll tell them to go back to sleep, but it is useless. They can’t do it. They have other things on their minds – mostly playing on the computers. They don’t even care about cartoons anymore. They wake up and head straight for the i-devices. Don’t get me wrong – they can’t do this on school days, only on the weekends. Maybe that’s why they get up so early on the weekends? Hmmm…

I’m feeling a shift in our lives right now. The kids are getting older – they are so much more independent and more hardy in general. We can take them to big touristy cities and not have to worry about them so much. We were even complimented by another couple while we were in Italy – they commented on how well-behaved our kids were while we were out for dinner. It made my heart smile to know that the constant correcting has actually made a difference. Kinnerly has just started sounding out words which means it won’t be long until she is reading on her own. Brannan can read for an hour on his own without flinching – although he does like the company still – he likes someone in bed with him reading along. I know this won’t last for much longer too, so I try to do it as much as I can. Although I definitely have to do it when he is reading French. Plus, the French books help me too.

I had an awesome 40th birthday weekend in London this past weekend (11 months later) with my best Francy girlfriends. It was so fun to be off on an adventure without having to look after the children. We all have two children each, and normally, when we are together, that makes 6, and usually there is something we have to take care of. It was such a nice treat to not have to worry about bedtimes or feeding them or pick ups or drop offs. It was also really nice of our husbands to take over for the weekend with all the little bits that we normally do. We did fun touristy things like the River Thames cruise along with going up the London Eye, we went up the Shard for cocktails and went for some Mexican food after. We had brunch together and saw the Tower of London where the crown jewels are kept and where so many people heard the words “OFF WITH THEIR HEAD!” – there is so much history in London, you can’t just do it in a weekend. Luckily I’ve been for two weekends so far! I hope to go back again soon.




Over Halloween we went to Florence for a quick weekend. The kids were troopers. It was sort of my idea to go there. We didn’t have any plans and B had a long weekend off work so we decided to drive down there for the weekend. It was actually really nice. I’ve always wanted to see all these works of art that I studied way back in Art History classes in college. i saw Rembrandt paintings and Botticelli paintings and sculptures and Duomos and bell towers.




All in one quick weekend. We walked the pants off of the kids, but they were so great about it, they barely complained. Except for after a huge day of touristy stuff, we ordered cheese ravioli for Kinnerly and when the dish came it was laden with shavings of fresh truffles and check out her face. It is hilarious. It reminds me of the face I used to make when i didn’t like what was served to me and my sister used to make fun of me. Only a 5 year old can complain about fresh cheese ravioli with shaved truffles in Florence, Italy. Most people would give their left pinky finger to eat that.


Today is a holiday and the kids are home from school – we don’t have anything planned since Brannan has been sick for the past two days. It is clouds and chilly outside. The leaves on the grapevine have all turned brown and are falling off. We are eager for winter to come. The kids keep asking when it will snow. They are ready to go skiing. We never thought we would be here this long and we never know when we will go – at least right now we don’t know. It’s all just a waiting game. In the meantime I am trying to enjoy every day we have as I know this really will be our last winter season in France.



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