Summer in full swing

We have already been camping for a four day weekend, have been on a kayaking trip and have been hiding from the sun this summer vacation. We are only 16 days into it, but it really feels like a long time – this summer.

It has been HOT and HUMID this summer. We have experienced a lovely “canicule” which in French, means “heatwave” and it has been slightly miserable. Luckily we have A/C in the bedrooms in our current house (something that is quite rare in France) and I run the heck out of those suckers day and night. Our bedrooms are freezing and our main living space is tolerable now because the air flows into the living area, making it a little better. Unfortunately I can’t open all the windows at night because the kids are so reactive to the tiger mosquitoes here. Brannan gets welts the size of quarters from one little tiger mozzy bite – it is awful. I do too. Kinnerly does too. B doesn’t – that lucky guy. Anyway, it is better just to run the A/C all night and make the living area cooler for the upcoming day. A lot of people don’t have such luxury here, with the A/C and all, so I am loving it. Plus, we have a pool! I just read that there won’t be a break in this heatwave until 30 July. Great…

We are trying to keep the kids cool and distracted. Today my girlfriend and I went to see a little newborn baby named Poppy. She is not even a month old and I couldn’t get enough of her squeaks and stretches and funny faces. I love those little newborn days. They are so easy. All they do is sleep and eat, sleep and eat. My kids were so great, they did just that, slept and ate – mostly slept. I know all kids are different, but mine were so easy, I wish I had 10 of them. Except not now. Not at this age when they require food all day long, food that I have to cook or prepare, food that they can request by name – this age is a lot more time-consuming. Those newborn/baby days are so much easier than little kid days. Little kids need entertainment and tons of discipline and correcting and maintenance. Ugh, oh well, it is all in a day’s work.

This past weekend we went on a big kayak adventure with all of these cool kids:


It was a long day with 5 hours of paddling – mainly by the adults – but the kids had fun. I was exhausted by the end of the day. But then, the day wasn’t over yet – we had a fireworks show to go to in Valbonne. It was Bastille Day weekend and a lot of villages hold their fireworks on the day before Bastille Day, so we trekked over to the village for a 15 minute display. I wish it was longer. I love fireworks. Kinnerly declared at the end of the night “I JUST LOOOOOVE FIREWORKS!!!”

Oh and then we almost had a new puppy! She was so cute and well-behaved, but she showed up to a birthday party and no one else was taking initiative to find her owner, so I stepped up. We eventually found the owner, but unfortunately, the owner didn’t really “miss” her pup, and it made me feel even worse for letting her go to an ungrateful family when she would’ve been loved to the end of the earth in our family. Ah, well, c’est la vie.


She was a fun little pup for one night. Really well-behaved too!

I have been hiding from the heat. 75% humidity and 94 degrees isn’t my idea of fun, so I’ve been making lots of lavender wands. I mailed a bunch to Montana hoping they will sell and I have mailed some to friends and family for them to enjoy.


I give away a few here and there too – it’s a cute little gift.

I mailed out a few today and the employee at La Poste was saying how the packages smelled so good!

Otherwise, we are powering through another summer. It is going by so fast. The kids have two weeks of camp starting on Monday, then it is time for us to go on holiday for a week or two – haven’t nailed those plans down yet, then the kids and I will head to Arizona to see family and friends.

We are all looking forward to it.

Off to make dinner…

Sandwiches and fruit for dinner – it’s too hot to cook!



One thought on “Summer in full swing

  1. Beautiful photos! We sold one of your lavender wands at the market! Everyone loves them. Lee and I have each commandeered one for our cars…Another blogger whom I am closely related to mentioned that they like comments so they know someone is reading. So I will try and do more commenting
    Love you!

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