Right now

I just read a blog post about what that blogger is doing right now and thought I should follow suit because it will be nice to look back on when I’m in another chapter of my life. So, here goes.

Right now I’m:

Reading: “All the Light We Cannot See” – a book borrowed from my friend about WWII. It is a super quick read and I hope to be done with it this week. I’m really trying to read a lot more lately, but sometimes, by the time I’m done reading all of my favorite things on the computer, taking care of everything else I need to take care of, it seems like there isn’t a ton of time to read. But, spending 3 hours in a salon chair getting my hair lightened helped a lot. So, there’s that.

Watching: Well, I’m not gonna like, I’m currently watching “Come Dine With Me” I love this show. The kids let out an exasperated sigh every time I turn it on. Otherwise, I can’t wait for the next season of Game of Thrones and that’s all really. We don’t watch a whole lot of TV. By the time the kids are home from school, we eat dinner, put them in the bath and put them in bed, it’s usually about 9pm. We sit down and usually do some internetting and then head to bed. We have started “The Americans” but it isn’t nearly as fun as “Homeland” and B doesn’t really care too much about TV. We keep it off during the week anyway when the kids are home. There just isn’t time for them to watch anything.

Cooking: Well, today I’m not cooking ANYTHING! We had a huge potluck Easter party yesterday and I have been fretting/thinking about the menu for at least a week now and I am tired of cooking. I feel like I am in a cooking rut these days. Maybe it is the change of seasons? Maybe I’m just ready for salads and fruits to be back in the stores? I’m tired of making the same things over and over again. I think it is the seasons. Being here in France, the groceries are very seasonal. Strawberries and asparagus are just showing up in the stores now and I am looking forward to the melon and watermelon and salads of summer.

Noticing: That our time here is really coming to an end. I don’t want to face it though. i don’t want to talk about it (nearly EVERYONE asks me when we are leaving and I just want to scream when I am asked) and I don’t want to think about it. This past week while having lunch with some of my BF’s here, it slipped out in conversation that B was speaking with the movers regarding bringing things back to the States and my friend said, “Hey, hold up, you are speaking with the MOVERS?!?”. I am going to be a bawling mess when I have to leave this place we have called home for the past 4 years.

Drinking: Captain and Coke. Need you ask?

Wondering: Who is going to eat all the chocolate that we have in the house from Easter. I think Easter is worse than Halloween! Mainly because I only like dark chocolate and all we have is milk chocolate.

Loving: Everything right now. I know, it sounds corny, but I am trying to love the stage the children are in right now, still needing me to help with a lot of things, but I can see they are gaining their independence every single day. From making their own breakfast, to learning how to control the TV when I want to sleep an extra hour on the weekends. I’m loving the fact that they are and have always been amazing sleepers at night. We put them to bed and we don’t hear a peep from them until the morning. They have both been amazing sleepers and swore if I was younger, I’d have more children. I am loving on my dog too. After a scare in January, when I thought she was going to be completely paralyzed, I am taking the time every day to pet her and tell her I love her and that she is my good girl. She knows I’m talking to her and she turns around and around wanting pats everywhere. I’m loving the warm spring sun, watching the roses emerge on their vines, the chives come back full and delicious, the apple tree blossom and the grape vines come alive again. Spring is a wonderful time of year.

Thinking about: I’m thinking about the week ahead. Since today is a holiday, the kids and B had the day off. I went to a vide grenier early this morning (sadly didn’t find any treasures) and this afternoon we went to an orange festival in Bar Sur Loup. It was nice. We had some crepes, a croque monsieur, and some churros. The kids bounced in the bouncy castles and Kiki had her face painted. Anyway, I’m thinking about all the things to do this week, yoga classes, guitar, grocery shopping, the dreaded Wednesday shuttle, picking our other car up at the garage…

Missing: I’m missing my family of course. Always miss the family on holidays. Well, every weekend really when all we have are some quick FaceTime chats. i wish they could see the kids longer than the 5 minutes their attention span lasts on the computer.

That’s me in a nutshell right now.


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