Summer 2014

I finally just downloaded all of the photos from my “big” camera. There are some really good ones from our trips. The days flew by this summer. We started it off with Kinnerly’s birthday and ended with Brannan’s – with a lot in between.


She had an amazing birthday. I think this year really “clicked” for her, in that it was “her” time, her special day.

IMG_7525Look at that smile, total joy!

Well, school ended without a bang, the kids were ready to be done and have some new adventures. We went to some lavender fields for a weekend drive. It was gorgeous. I totally forgot about the pictures I took until I pulled them off my sim card today.



After our quick trip to the lavender fields, we had a few playdates, some judo camp and then Grandma Patty came to visit!




IMG_7589It was so great to have Grandma Beers for a visit. We were so happy to have her here at our house and so happy to have taken her to all of the usual spots in the South of France – Gourdon, Cannes, Valbonne…







As soon as she left, we went on to our family vacation. That’s up next!


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