“School’s out for Summer!”

Yeah, I totally sung that today to the director of the school on the way out the pathway to the parking lot. 

He totally “got it”. 

He said “Alice Cooper is my favorite!” I went on and on about how Alice Cooper lives in Phoenix and he golfs all the time at the local golf courses and I’ve totally seen him there wearing all of his makeup (kidding) but I have been to his restaurant in Phoenix where they serve these ridiculously large hot dogs in honor of one of the local baseball players. 

I digress…

Brannan got his yellow belt in Judo this week!


I’m not entirely sure he “gets” judo yet. But, it is a learning thing. 

He had a great time with one of his best friends. 


Kinnerly had a great year too. We just had her end-of-year “gouter” (goo-tay) which is basically like a snack in the afternoon. It was fun. There was singing and dancing and lots of cakes and cookies and Kinnerly ate way too many sweets so she didn’t want dinner but she wanted dessert and had a little bit of a breakdown at bedtime but it was tolerable and this is a total run-on sentence…

She did just turn 4!!!!

She helped decorate her cupcakes and her cake. She had a great birthday party too. 



Grandma and Pappy watched on FaceTime as she got her new 2-wheeler bike for her birthday. That was super fun.

Unfortunately I didn’t snap any pics at that moment. But she always says that she is so happy that she got her bike from Grammy and Pappy.


(She had lots of pink cakes!!!!)

We miss all of our family and are so happy to be able to FaceTime when we can. I’m glad that the kids get to see everyone at least once a week for a few minutes, even if they are crazy tired and exhausted from the weekend.

Anyway, we are closing in on our last day of school tomorrow so we better get to bed and make it a good one!





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