June in bloom

It is only June 9th, but summer is definitely here. Literally only 2 days ago, the temperatures were in the mid-70’s and now they are in the high 80’s. With the humidity it feels a lot hotter!

The kids are super busy. We have had a birthday party to attend for the past 3 weekends. This past weekend there were 2 birthday parties! Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far and the kids were in the pool by 9am!


Then, after a good day of swimming we were off to the Bois de Lutins for the party. The Bois de Lutins is a super fun place for kids, it is a huge outdoor park with zip lines, giant inflatable tires you can ride in like a hamster in a wheel, there are also big tree houses connected by slides and nets. Needless to say, kids get really tired after a trip to this place. 


This is one of Kinnerly in one of the sky chair hammocks that they have hanging around. 

Brannan came out of the birthday party with some of the reddest cheeks ever. He is always trying to keep up with his friend, Thomas, who is a year older and WAAAAAAY more sporty than Brannan. This kid is amazing. He is long and lean and has 0% body fat I think. He jumps on everything and is always going 100 miles an hour. This kid sweats! He sweats doing everything! It’s crazy. But good for Brannan as it really pushes him harder at his own sportiness. 

Last weekend, after another birthday party, we decided to head to the beach for a Sunday beach day. Beach days are always so exhausting. With the sun and the sand and the water, it really drains you. But the kids really love it. It was a really nice day too, sitting in the shade of the umbrella. Although I got a little carried away in the sun and burned my décolletage area! Now i’m peeling. Great.





We also had a great fundraising/luncheon this past Thursday for some good causes. I was asked to “donate” our house and I was happy to do so, even with all the anxiety that came along with it. I sort of stress about having people over to our house, but everyone was so kind and thankful and a lot of money was raised for a good cause. 



We even had wine tasting by these lovely Italian vintners. They poured quite a bit of wine and sold quite a few bottles too! 60 bottles to be exact. That’s a lot of bottles! 


These cupcakes were donated too by one of our mutual friends. The lemon ones were so good! They had a layer of lemon curd in them. OMG, YUM!


It got pretty warm that day, I think that was the beginning of summer!

It was great though, to have a luncheon to raise money for a non-profit. 

Today is another holiday – not sure which one it is, but the kids are off of school again. Tomorrow is Brannan’s big show. Kinnerly had her show on Friday and unfortunately i didn’t get one good picture of her because we were told “no flashes” but people were using flashes all over the place and the room was really dark and I totally forgot to set up my camera for the dark. More shows in the future I guess. Tomorrow I’ll be prepared because at least Brannan can tell me which parts he is in and I’ll have my camera ready. 

We are just hanging out at the pool again today. Gonna get the BBQ going for dinner. 

This week should be exciting. We get another trip to the Perfecture’s office. I dread this time of year. The Perfecture is like going to the DMV on steroids and in another language. Ick. 

Have a good week!



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