The new house

Our new house is pretty nice. We are right on the 9th hole of the little Opio golf course. The view out over the pool and the garden is just spectacular. 

We are still trying to find places for things here. It seems like the storage is a bit lacking here. Or maybe we had too much storage at the last place? Not sure, but it seems like I’m still trying to find places for things around the house. 

The garden is really nice. There are climbing roses everywhere. There are also long-stem roses. Our gardener picked this bouquet for me last week when he was here: 


They really are magnificent. The photos don’t really do them justice. 


The pool is great and the kids were even swimming on Wednesday. It was sunny and kind of warm, but not really swimming weather. They started innocently enough, just dipping toys in the pool, watering plants and the grass, then Brannan started dumping water on himself  making his sister laugh uncontrollably. I didn’t have the heart to stop him. Her laugh was just so awesome. She doesn’t laugh that hard very often, so it was like music to my ears to hear her laugh heartily while watching Brannan drench himself. 


And that bathing suit? I finally had to pitch it. She wore it and afterward I put it in the wash where it was completely destroyed. i really loved that swimsuit. It is so hard for me to get rid of all of her baby clothes. It is just admitting to myself that I’ll never have a little one again. It is really sad. I should’ve started having kids earlier… eh, a subject for another time. 

Anyway, the house has two levels and Kinnerly pretty much has her own wing. The house is really laid out quite strangely, but it is fun and I’m always up for a new change. 

This is looking into the back of the house. The vines have exploded and grown a ton over the past month. 


I even went out and got some tomato plants to put in the planters. 



It is a rough life these days. 






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