Today our car broke down. It was the first day back to school after a two week break. I was really excited to drop the kids off for a full day of school. I was out of the school doors by 8:30 and headed over to my favorite place – the nail salon! I was way overdue to get a pedicure and have my eyebrows waxed.

It was funny because I was thinking to myself this morning how I should probably bring my phone cord with me in the car because I only had about 50% power but then I figured I’d be home by 11am, so no problem, I have plenty of power to get me home.

So, I sat in the pedicure spa chair and listened to my Sirius radio, played Candy Crush and texted. I was getting down to 20% power so I decided to stop messing around with my phone and just put it away. I finished up at the salon and headed over to the grocery store to get a few items for dinner. I got out of the store by about 10:45 and was ready to head home. I climbed the little hill that leads to the children’s school and all of a sudden my car starts dinging loudly at me, I look at the dashboard and it says something in French that I couldn’t understand and didn’t have time to paste it into my Google Translate since I was driving and then, all of a sudden, the engine just dies.

I’m going quite fast at this point and then just start slowing down since I had no power. My power steering went out and people behind me started honking. I’m scanning the road, looking for a safe place to pull over and finally find a spot under the freeway but off the road. I pull out my phone to call Byron and it says I’m down to 7% power.


He doesn’t know where I am so I can’t have him call the tow truck. I quickly get off with him and call the phone number for our insurance company. After pressing button after button I finally get someone who speaks English and frantically tell them where I am and I have no more power on my phone. Well, luckily, I stopped across the highway from an interior design strip-mall kind of place and head over there in hopes that someone has a charging cord for an iPhone 5.

Before I headed over there, I wrote down Byron’s number and my friend April’s number just in case I couldn’t find power.

Luckily they had a cord, the tow truck driver named “Fabulous” showed up. Seriously, he had it tattoed on his forearm! He said he is in the process of trying to move to Las Vegas to open a gym. Crazy.

He towed my car to a super sketchy garage somewhere near where I was and I called April to pick me up.

Moral of the story, bring your phone cord with you in the car…


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