Happy New Year!


This is going to be a crazy year for us I think. We should technically be moving back to the states at some point this year. This seems like a daunting idea to me. But then I guess  moving here seem daunting as well. Also, Happy New Year a little late seeing as how it is already almost March! Everything is blooming here in the south of France – the Mimosa trees are bright yellow and the cherry trees already have blooms on them!

Unfortunately we have to move this week. As in Friday! I am so not prepared for this. I have packed about 5 boxes so far but I think starting today after I go pick up Brannan from his birthday party I am going to kick it into high gear. I did a ton of cleaning last week and everything is dusty again. How does all this dust accumulate so fast?

Well, things have been moving fast and slow at the same time. We got seasons passes to the local ski area – Geolieres – and it has been quite fun. I’ve gone up only twice so far on my own and hope to go a few more times but it is so dang warm I don’t know when I will be able to go back up there when it won’t be a sheet of ice!

IMG_0591 IMG_0588 IMG_0581 IMG_0561


The kids are out on winter break – or spring break – I’m not sure what it is technically called – mid term break? Anyway, it is 2 weeks worth of break and, well, I just wish they would sleep in past 6:45. They are so used to waking up then, they just don’t sleep past 6:45! I really love sleeping but once I’m woken up, it is really hard for me to go back to sleep. Then I’m grumpy in the morning, which isn’t good when brother and sister like to push each other’s buttons.

We have a few playdates planned but we have to move Friday and hopefully after the weekend we will be settled and able to have more playtime.

Otherwise, I made a ton of cupcakes for both of the kids’ classes. Almost 50 of them!

IMG_0604I got rear-ended one day after school. It was interesting. The other people spoke super fast French, my car wasn’t damaged but I went to take pictures and all of a sudden they were in their cars and took off.



IMG_0602 IMG_0605The sun is out and shining hard and I better go do some packing and cleaning…



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