A big Big BIG road trip!

Oh boy, I am so sorry that I haven’t posted anything in so long! We have been so super busy! We went to NH the week before school ended for Brannan, had a fabulous time, went to a wedding and then came back, finished school, then headed to AZ and then MT for 3 whole weeks and then came back for a week and headed out for another 2 weeks camping around Europe! Yes, I know that is a total run-on sentence, but that is what my life has felt like for the past 2? 3? months. A run-on of living out of suitcases and driving and flying and having kids freak out and pass out and be out of a routine and completely exhausted. 

It has been fun, though. 

And, of course, I don’t have time right now to post any pictures or go into any stories, but I will really, really try tomorrow. 

I HAVE to put this stuff down onto a post or else I will forget it all. Crap, I’ve already forgot half of what happened in NH and PA and MA…

But, we just got home from a 6 hour drive from Arco, Italy – a super cool rock climbing/biking/hiking town, didn’t spend too long in the toll booth lines and no one got car sick, so that’s a good thing. 

We picked up Zeffie and she is definitely happy to be home. She has been away from us for so long this summer I feel so bad for her. But, she went swimming this afternoon and I swore that I would buy her a huge box of doggie treats tomorrow (because I had so much on my brain this afternoon that I totally forgot about doggie treats!). 

And now I must go to bed – in my BED! Not an air mattress wedged between two other twin air mattresses with children kicking me in the small of my back or screaming in the middle of the night or wetting themselves or having to unzip two zippers and walk 3 campsites over to go to the WC. 

Ah, the luxuries of home. 

Including, of course, ICE!!!!!!

Oh, I can go on and on about the quest for ice cubes the past 2 weeks…


3 thoughts on “A big Big BIG road trip!

  1. Sounds like you had a wild summer and are VERY happy to be home, Cathi. I’m so glad I got a chance to see you all! (-and I’m still loving my goodie bag!)

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