Testing my French

On Friday, we were hanging out in the house, minding our own business, watching the gardener do his job outside. Then, I get a knock on the door and the gardener is there – I thought he needed to tell me to buy more chlorine or move all the toys out of the way of the riding mower. Brannan opens the door and the gardener asks Brannan (in French) if I was around, Brannan answers “oui” and calls for me. I come to the door and the gardener is on the phone – I greet him with the French double-cheek kiss because that is what you do when you see someone here – I’m still not completely comfortable with it, but, hey, when in France… Anyway, I say hello and he is holding his phone out to me and he says “I am so sorry Cassie, I had an accident, Patrick (the landlord) is on the phone.” My heart jumps a little, I figure he sliced something open and needed me to drive him to the hospital tout-suite, but, luckily, no, he points to our little black car and the back window was shattered. 

I breathe a little sigh of relief and talk to the landlord on the phone and he assures me that insurance will take care of it all and he will send me the information as to what to do. 

The gardener happened to be using the weed-whacker to trim the sides of the garden and when he was near the car he unfortunately hit a tiny stone and it went right through the back window.

All I can think of is “oh, fun, another test of my French skills!”

Our gardener was extremely apologetic and I felt really bad for him because he was so sorry, but he cleaned out the broken glass out of the car and on the ground and taped up the window with some plastic. Image

So, yesterday I summoned up the courage to go to the glass replacement shop. I walk in, not feeling particularly up for practicing my French, so I cop out and say “Desolee, mais, parlez-vouz Anglais?” and the guy looks at me and says “NON!” So, I tell him I need a new window – at least I could paste those words together. He asks me where and I point and use my best sign language and we go out and look at it together, head back inside and he starts typing on his computer and asking me questions about my insurance and I ask him to repeat one of his sentences because I didn’t understand it. There is a nice handsome guy sitting next to my guy and he looks at me and starts translating for me and then my guy scolds my translator and says to him “she must speak French!” (which I could understand). 

It was a pretty funny exchange between the 3 of us and I finally got a rendez-vous for the window replacement this afternoon. I scooped up Kinnerly and I thanked them both for their help and for testing my French. 



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