They grow up so fast


That is one phrase that I hear so much that I wish I had a euro for every time I’ve heard it. 

Kinnerly is potty training and she has done so well that she just runs into the potty all by herself about every 10 minutes and takes off her undies and sits on the toilet like she is a pro. I hope it lasts. I think it will!


She did very well yesterday until we went to a play date. But, I forgive her for that because they had a dog that was smaller than a kitten and every time she saw it running around she tilted her head sideways and said “aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! soooooo ceeeuuuuttteeee!” in the littliest whiny voice every. I just gave up and put her in a diaper. No big deal. I figure she has been so good for 2 days, I will let her have a diaper for the evening. 

On the other hand, I had to finally tell Brannan that our dog, Leia, died when we were in Arizona and that she isn’t at the “doggy doctor” anymore. I just keep putting it off more and more and I am glad that I was wearing sunglasses this morning as I was trying to explain to him what happened to her. I, of course, sugar coated it – okay, probably CAKED it in sugar, but I used the words “she died” and that was really hard for me to do. Even for me. He doesn’t really have any sort of concept of death, but he says the word all the time, which is so sad to me, but I guess that is just how kids are. Especially in this day and age of movies and video games and other kids and whatnot. 

They really are growing up too fast though. 

I swear, after I came back from my trip to Florida, it seemed like Kinnerly was speaking a thousand more words than I left her with. She has been going to the zipline parks and doing all the “big kid” adventures when she is supposed to be 3 to do them! Brannan has been back-talking to me like no tomorrow too – which I am not very happy with, but we are working out consequences for his actions right now. 

Plus, my heart swells whenever someone speaks to him in French and he totally understands and answers back to them – in FRENCH! 

He is reading now – sounding out words more and more. I hear him sounding out street signs in the car when he thinks I’m not listening. 

Kinnerly has an imagination unlike her brother’s. She pretends to serve food to her babies, pretends to play with imaginary kids and can amuse herself unlike Brannan ever did. They are two different kids, that is for sure. 

Every day I tell Brannan’s teachers that I am scared for him to go to the next grade. They tell me not to worry, that he is more than prepared and will do very good – I just want these days to last longer…


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