May 20

Yes… no… is it really May 20? 

I simply can NOT believe it!

We have been in France for TWO YEARS!

I’m sorry I had to shout that, but I have been pronouncing it quite loudly to quite a few people lately. 

I’ve been apologizing for not knowing more French (something that the French NEVER do – apologize), and I’ve been lamenting that I don’t know MORE FRENCH (which is just my lazy fault), and have been scared of consequences that may arise from being here for so long (driving license – no!) and really, just not believing the whole situation. 

We had another glorious (but quick) visit from Auntie this past weekend. The kids were not on their best behavior unfortunately – of course – why is it always like that when we have peeps over? But, I have to admit, Saturday was one of the most rainy days that we have seen in a LONG LONG time. It literally poured down rain from the skies the whole day. Personally, I love the rain and would be very happy in front of the tele watching movies, but that is hard to do with a 5 and a 2 year old! 

Luckily we had a nice Friday night dinner out in Valbonne!Image

Complete with the Cafe Gourmande!

We had a big Saturday in-house with movies and tea parties and snacks and rests.

Sunday we ventured out to Frejus for a bit of the market and some seaside lunch. 

The weekend was quick but fun. 

Kinnerly was asking for her Auntie this morning – asking where she went off to…

I had to tell her that she went off to another adventure of her own, but we would see her very, very soon.

Thank you sister – for another wonderful weekend!



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