Easter 2013

We went to Verbier, Switzerland last weekend for the Easter weekend. It was fantastic. I wish we were there for a whole week. I want to go back next winter and experience a real winter holiday there. It was just too fast – I couldn’t believe it!

We left very early on Friday morning so we could enjoy the day there. It didn’t take us long to get there, probably only about 5 hours – maybe a little more with a few stops here and there. Image

It was super fun and now it seems like a lifetime ago.

The first day we got there was a little foggy and wet so we spent most of the time on the bunny hill teaching Kinnerly how to stand up on her skis.







Kinnerly was not having fun in this picture. Hee hee.



Then we made snow angels and that made her happy!







We stayed in a “condo” in Verbier Village and it was really nice. It was the most crammed-in, old-school village every with some gorgeous new condos built on the outside. We stayed in an “authentic” old condo – it was cool. This tiny door was right around the corner:




I was surprised as the ski area is in Switzerland but it is mostly French or English speaking in all the restaurants and stores in the village. It was really cool. I could actually eavesdrop on other conversations and understand what they were saying, we chatted with a couple of other girls at one restaurant and it was totally effortless.

The second day (Sunday, Easter Day) the clouds lifted, the Easter Bunny visited our cottage in the middle of the night (more like I woke up in a panic around 5AM with an EXTREME headache – the altitude, right? Ha ha! and hid some chocolates) and then the boys got ready for a BIG day on the hill. They took the gondolas up to the top and saw some extraordinary powder. It was hard for poor little Brannan to maneuver around with all that powder around him!





I took Kinnerly for a few runs on the bunny hill until she was done with it all and said she was hungry and “no more ski Mommy!” I’d ask her why she didn’t want to ski and she just replied: “Cause Kiki says so” which is a really common saying these days.

So, I took her into the village and we had a little lunch.



Later that evening, we were invited to an Easter dinner over at my friend Cara’s boyfriend’s condo. They have the most amazing view!




Oh, ours was not too bad either – this was our view from our cottage:





As you can see there was quite a bit of snow!


Anyway, for Easter dinner we had some amazing smoked chicken with a diablo sauce, some tangy coleslaw and baked potatoes with real sour cream! Oh, it was to die for! I think Byron had 3 helpings that night!

The kids devoured a giant chocolate bunny and there were some super beautiful tie-dyed Eggs that Cara found somewhere.



And of course, dessert…




We had fun and amazing conversations, delicious food and a super fun time in Switzerland. I want to go back!



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