More random thoughts

I could really, REALLY use a manicure. And a pedicure. I have no idea when I will be able to get one in the near future. Plus, we are going skiing this coming weekend (which I am very excited about – especially since we are going skiing in Switzerland!) and I just hope my toes don’t start aching in my boots. I guess there are worse things that could happen. 

Kinnerly is talking so much, she still talks about herself in the 3rd person, which is pretty funny, and I love the way that she runs without abandon to my adult girlfriends and gives them the biggest hugs in the world. I know it makes their day. Even if their children don’t embrace me, or her, with such abandon, I can still look at her and how innocent and free she is with her love and it makes me smile. 

I can’t believe that we have been living in France for 2 years now. It just amazes me. 

We are having a super hard time getting the stitches out of Brannan’s finger. It is frustrating and challenging and so many emotions all at one time. I want to feel sorry for him but then I want to tell him to suck it up because it is just a stitch! I’m having a hard time being a sympathetic mama right now about it all as he does this crazy back-and-forth thing EVERY SINGLE DAY telling me he wants them out so then we sit on the couch, I turn on cartoons loud enough to distract the dog, ask for his finger and all of a sudden he turns into the same cowering little boy that was in the ER two weeks ago. I tell you what, that day ripped my heart out and made me furious all at the same time. I had so many emotions that day I felt like I ran an hour on the treadmill after it was all over with. 

It has been raining and raining and raining here on the French Riviera. It is all everyone talks about. But I guess that is how it is everywhere, no? 

I am really looking forward to the next few months. We have so many fun travels planned! We are looking at summer plans too but can’t plan too far ahead due to B’s work schedule. 

I still haven’t figured out how to organize my photos on my MacBook. I need to hire someone to do this for me. I just keep getting changing out my memory cards in my camera hoping that I can squeeze one more picture in. It’s not working too well for me. 

I am finding this whole “school” thing really interesting. There are some amazingly gorgeous people that show up every day looking perfect. I feel so blah compared to all of these people. God forbid I should show up in yoga pants. No freaking way. But now all the pants I have are too big for me and I’m not sure what is worse – baggy saggy pants or yoga pants. I can’t wait for summer when I can wear shorts and dresses. Except I hate the heat. 

Kinnerly is cleaning up all her toys and said “all tidied up now!” I love how the kids have adopted UK words and French words. Although people still laugh at how they say “water” and “diaper”. 

Brannan is learning how to sound out words now and I’ll catch him in the car trying to do it every now and then but it is so hard for the poor little guy because he is seeing French words and trying to sound out with English phonics. At least he can get the “stop” correct. 

Why is it that the “stop” signs say “stop” and not “arret” in France?

I could go on and on but I have to go and get Brannan at school and sell tickets for the Easter Raffle! Whee!

And they are ready to go skiing for Easter weekend! In Switzerland!



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