So, where we are, another holiday. Brannan has the next two weeks off school. I’m happy and sad about the break. He has been a real terror to wake up in the mornings. We have had mornings when he is rushed into the car without breakfast and with wet eyes. He has had nights of tantrums and no dinner. I know he is ok though. I know he isn’t starving. It is a battle of wills, me and him. I think it was the fact that I was starting to get stressed out without their Dad around. I think they could feel it too. I was commenting to a friend the other day about how hard it is to be the “mother and the father” when your spouse is away. Because mothers are often the more easy-going of the parenting couple. Mothers allow dessert even if they didn’t finish every last one of their vegetables, mothers sometimes allow a movie after school or a treat before dinner. But, when the other half isn’t around, it can be hard to be the easy going one as well as the tough one.

I think I was getting tired.

I started this post a week ago. I didn’t have time to finish it – I don’t know what happened. I probably got distracted or tired. Oh, now I remember – I was typing on the iPad and it was just taking to darn long and I was already in my bed and the pull of the comfy covers was too much for me.

A week has passed and Daddy has returned. The kids are happy-go-lucky as always, but ever-so disciplined as well. Although we did have one tiny meltdown on Friday as Brannan really wanted to watch a movie (gah, another one! This wet weather is exhausting!) and we said he had to do a little “studying” before he could watch one. It was some simple math addition but he just kept complaining and saying how hard it was before he just broke down into tears from the whole thing. All while Daddy was on a conference call in the office. Of course.

So, we are staying around home for the holidays. I went to a travel agent last week to see if there were any last minute cancellations at the local ski stations, but there wasn’t of course. Also, there is this whole French thing that you can’t just rent a condo for a long weekend. It is always a week. Always. It is not possible to rent for a long weekend.

I told someone the other day that the phrase “It is not possible” should be the motto of France. It is a common retort. One that I’ve heard quite a few times.

Anyway, we hope to do some skiing next weekend. Today we woke up to a nice little blanket of snow on the ground. Also, when conditions get this bad, it isn’t a good idea to drive up to the ski stations. It is best to let the roads melt again in a day or two and then head up. So, we made banana bread this morning, had a nice noontime walk and now it is naptime and movies again. It has been relaxing.

We also made some vacation plans that I am really excited about. Two trips back to the states before July and one to possibly Corsica or Croatia or Transylvania (haven’t booked that one yet)! Hooray!



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