Home again

We are back in France and I am suffering from severe jet lag. I don’t know why – usually it is very easy for me to fall back into the routine of day and night but this time, something is going on with my internal time clock – it doesn’t want to adjust. It doesn’t help, either, that I am back by myself and have to tend to the kids when they wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep. This morning it was really hard to get out of my warm bed and get the kids ready for school. I am really happy that it is Friday and we can all (hopefully) sleep in tomorrow. Even Brannan said he wasn’t done sleeping this morning when I woke him up. 

Kinnerly can peel her clementines by herself now (after I give her a little start) and she will freak out if you don’t let her do it. This also means that there are tiny orange peel bits all over the living room. She eats about a dozen a day and my fingers smell delicious.

The kids did great on the flight over. Brannan watched a couple of movies, took a nap when I told him to and Kinnerly pretty much slept the whole time on the long-haul. Getting from the airplane to the car, though, proved a bit more tricky. We had 4 HUGE suitcases and a giant duffle bag filled with a carseat and a bag full of clothes that weight almost as much as a baby. Not to mention my backpack, my purse and Brannan’s carry on luggage. We were the last ones to get our bags off the carousel and the last ones out of baggage claim. I wasn’t worried though as we had time, we weren’t in any hurry and I didn’t want to get all stressed about it. So, I piled everything onto our little pushcart and took everyone and everything to the free airport shuttle bus. I loaded EVERYTHING onto the bus by MYSELF while the bus driver watched me. I asked him to stop at the long-term parking garage P6 and hoped that he would drop me off directly in front of the structure. 

Yeah, of course not. 

So, he stopped at the bus stop, told me it was P6 and I set to work unloading 8 bags and 2 children while the bus driver watched. 

Luckily there was a little pushcart at the bus stop and I set to work loading everything onto another push cart. Kinnerly was freezing and tired so I set her on top of all the luggage and wrapped her blanket around her. I just knew that wasn’t a good idea but she was so tired she didn’t want to walk. We set off to cross the street to the gas station and then to the parking structure. The cart hit a crack in the pavement and down went 3 big suitcases and Kinnerly. Poor little thing. She was just more shocked than hurt and I told her she needed to walk on her own now. We got past the gas station and then I took about 4 different trips across the street to get everything over to the other side (there weren’t any crosswalks of course so I had to dodge traffic and make sure that the kids STAYED PUT while I crossed with bags and carts). We finally made it to the smooth interior of the parking garage, made it to the elevator and found the car! Hooray!

It really was a very tiresome ordeal. I don’t know what time we landed but I think it took about 2 hours to finally get home. 

It was worth it though, to spend time with all of our family and our friends for the holiday. The weeks just absolutely FLEW by. I don’t even know where the time went. We were busy every single day with something to do. Brannan was so sick of shopping that he begged not to have to go to another store with me every time we got into the car. We brought back clothes and shoes and toys and things for our landlord and things for friends at school and cutting boards and cowboy boots – gosh, you name it. Even a couple of things for Zeffie. 

It is chilly here. The nights get below freezing and the roads have even had ice on them in the mornings. I am looking forward to skiing but Daddy is stuck in the states for another month. I am going to try to get Brannan into some lessons though this weekend. So much to do!

I better go unpack the last of the 5 suitcases now. I guess 3 days is long enough to keep it on the living room floor…


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