A drive

We woke up early this morning to head to the pediatrician for the annual check ups. The kids are doing fantastically. Kinnerly is in the 50% for height and the 25% for weight. Brannan is at the 75% for height and the 60% for weight. Boy, is he growing fast! Kinnerly had a couple of shots and she didn’t even cry. After that, we headed over to my favorite smoothie shop, grabbed my favorite flavor and we headed out to the outlet stores! 

The kids drank most of my smoothie, of course, because the last time I bought individual smoothies for them, they didn’t even finish half of their own and I was left yearning for more smoothie. Dang it! 

The drive was really fast even if we went all the way to North Phoenix, into the desert. 



It felt good to drive out into the desert, like I was driving to Flagstaff. I reminisced the whole way about the numerous trips I have made up there. The trips I made for all sorts of crazy reasons, from camping to boys to school to work. 

But then, the kids arguing in the back of the car snapped me back to reality. Especially when the little one threw a couple of fits while walking around. These are the days I regret not having the stroller in the back of the car! Luckily I didn’t get a picture of the fit. I’ll be sure to have my phone with me next time to document the fun. She is definitely in the terrible twos right now. 

On the plus side, I got a new handbag, some clothes for me (FINALLY!) and a few more clothes for the kids. Sadly, none for Daddy… Not sure he minds though. Ha!



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