The end of the year

Today is my most favorite day. My most favorite holiday. I like it more than Halloween and Christmas and Thanksgiving (although Thanksgiving comes in a close second). 

I like the thrill of counting down the seconds until midnight – a new day – a new year about to start. 

A whole new year!

We don’t have big plans tonight. We had big plans but we have been driving all over the valley, going to Zoo Lights, going to hot yoga classes, dinners and more dinners and tons of grocery shopping. It has been a fantastic first week back in the States. I am really happy to be back in my hometown, visiting with my family and friends but sometimes it seems things get so crazy and the kids can’t keep up. Kinnerly woke up about 7:30 and went back down for a nap at 10:30 – she is that tired. I don’t even feel bad that Brannan is sitting in front of the TV all morning either. He has been going strong for the past week. 

The Montana clan left early this morning for their long drive back to their home.

Anyway, I was thinking about our plans for today and decided to shift things a little – calm things down and just hang out with our family until the kids have had enough of video games and will need to go to bed. 

I don’t know if we will be up at midnight – things sure do change when you have little ones to look after – but it still remains my most favorite holiday.

I’ve watched a conch shell drop in the Florida Keys, I’ve seen pinecones drop in Flagstaff, I’ve seen tortilla chips drop in Tempe and have stood around huge bonfires in Whitefish to ring in some of my new years. Tonight we will be hanging out with family until the little ones tell us they wish to go home and we will be living vicariously through other revelers on the tele.

But, I’ll still get that surge of adrenaline when the countdown begins with “10” and will have tears in my eyes as the clock strikes midnight, recounting how truly lucky we have been this past year. 

Happy New Year to you all!




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