Another Thanksgiving came and went, it went by fast because Daddy was out of town for the whole week and then he spent the whole day at the airport in Toulouse trying to get back here, to no avail, and landed at 7:30pm. Dinner was held for him, though, so it was all good, and delicious!

We went over to the bosses house and they had a huge turkey.

Their fabulous crafty girls helped the kids make turkey hands.



So, we waited for Daddy to arrive from the airport (luckily Brandon offered to pick him up) and then we ate a hearty meal. Although this is a picture of dessert:


The kids bounced on the trampoline and it was a little chilly outside so we spent most of the time around the table, drinking wine and hanging out.




I never found a whole turkey and have heard that turkey is really only something that here in France is offered in stores in December, around Christmas. That’s ok. I think I’m becoming much more of a vegetarian anyway…

Next up? Christmas party!!!


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