This guy just came flying into the house and crashed into our big sliding glass door wall. Poor little thing. I had to drag him out on Zeffie’s dog bed – luckily he was still in shock. He is getting ready to fly away now.

Daddy is away again. He isn’t sure if he is going to be back for Thanksgiving. That’s ok I guess. It never feels like Thanksgiving around here but I am going to make all the yummy things anyway because I love Thanksgiving dinner. I got invited to go somewhere but haven’t really decided if I want to go or not. It’s still a school night for me…

This one is still cute:

These are growing all over the place:

It is funny because on the way to pick up Brannan at school you see all these cars parked on the sides of the roads and people emerging from the forests with their little wicker baskets.

It took me a few days to figure out they were collecting mushrooms.

Our neighbor was telling us that if you bring in your daily haul to the local pharmacy, they will tell you if they are safe to eat or not. I think I’ll just stick with the ones from the grocery store.

Happy Thanksgiving week! I really wish I was in the USA right now celebrating! I’m starting to feel a little homesick…


3 thoughts on “Random

  1. We will have a quiet turkey day. We miss you all but we’re looking forward to Christmas. Bake some cookies and make the house smell good! Luv u.

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