summer (no caps here, just wilting)

These days, the dog days of August in the South of France, the kids are barely clothed. Kinnerly is usually in a diaper, and only a diaper, because I frankly don’t have the energy to put clothes on the child. She doesn’t mind so much and doesn’t complain if I put her in a dress, but it usually comes off around 11am because we walk out back and jump in the pool. She has a tan shaped like an “X” down her little back from her swimsuit that most Europeans would be jealous of. Well, most Europeans wouldn’t have the “x”, but she has a tan nonetheless, regardless of the sunscreen I put on her. Brannan often just wears shorts and says he “doesn’t wear a tshirt because Daddy never wears a tshirt” – but I have to remind him that is only around the house – when we go to the grocery store or the boulangerie, we need to wear shirts and dresses.

It is so hot and humid these days I don’t even want to leave the house. I don’t even think I felt this lethargic in Arizona when it was 118 degrees. At least I could make a trip to Costco or to Fry’s without being drenched in sweat.

I think the humidity has me here. It isn’t much – not like the Florida humidity I experienced as a child – but it is noticeable – at least compared to the last couple of decades I’m used to in Arizona.

I don’t want to cook, or eat, really. I force myself to go into the kitchen to make the children lunches and dinners which usually consist of rolled up deli ham, yogurts, BabyBell cheeses and sliced melon.

I am really waiting for the next coulple of weeks. says we are due for a “cool down”!

The portable AC units are working all day long and opening the doors at night really doesn’t even provide any relief.

Fall? Autumn?

Please? S’il vous plait?


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