We’re back!

Yes, indeed, we are back from our two-week European Camping Holiday Vacation! It was fabulous! I must admit, I was a little leery going into this one because last year wasn’t the most awesome vacation of all time. We literally packed up camp and unpacked camp almost every day. I think only twice out of two weeks we stayed more than one night. I was getting weary of packing up everything every day and then driving and then unpacking. I just wanted to settle a little!

But! This year! We did just that. We spent almost a whole week in the second stop in Germany – well, maybe like 5 nights. But it was so nice to be able to finally figure out the town and the surrounding areas, to wake up a little late (because we boarded Zeffie this time and she didn’t wake us up at the crack of dawn so she could get out of the tent and sniff everything around the tent) and to have lazy days at the lake or a bike ride around town.

I am just getting all of the photos uploaded and am trying to coordinate everything in a post or two. But, between all the unpacking and all the laundry and the kids jumping up and down it is really hard for me to sit at the computer for more than 20 minutes at a time. So, I think maybe I’ll stay up late tonight to organize everything.

It was an amazing trip though. I just absolutely love southern Germany and Austria and the Dolomites. I think that area so far has been my most favorite of Europe – at least what I have seen so far. The mountains and the weather (cool!!!) is my kind of thing – or as Brannan would say “that’s how I roll!”

But for now, I have to take a shower and then take the kids to the playground or else they will start to dive off the couches by 4pm today.

I’ll leave you with this picture of my feet in Lago di Garda at the northern part of Italy, facing the Dolomites. It was warm there – and BUSY! The Italians love their water and their sun and their beaches – especially in August. You should’ve seen the traffic getting into this town. It was literally a little one-road town too – I have  no idea where everyone stayed. We pulled into about 3 different campgrounds asking for a tent site and everyone just looked at us like we had horns growing out of our heads as to say “uh, yeah, right, August has been booked up for months now!” We finally found a place outside of town, which was fine with me, among the vineyards and the apple orchards – it had a pool and grass for us to camp in and the kids had a great time.



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