The weekend

This past weekend was so much fun! We went to an Olympics party at our friends house then to the International Fireworks show down in the Cannes area (we watched from a friends house – didn’t actually make it down to Cannes, but hope to one day).

The kids had a BLAST at the Olympics party. It was totally just for them – there were sack races and bean bag tosses and water relays and swimming. And, of course, food!

If you want to see the pictures from the party, check them out here:

We didn’t get home until midnight on Saturday though and the kids were so spent after all the activity so we spent Sunday hanging around and doing family things mostly. B took Brannan to the playground while Kinnerly napped and I cleaned up around the house, then a nice storm rolled in for the afternoon, cooled everything down and watered my raspberry garden for me. Granted, there are still a few tomato plants sprinkled in there and a bunch of chives, but the raspberries have pretty much taken over my whole garden and I just don’t have the heart to weed them out. They are so dang good, those raspberries and at 2Euro for a tiny little carton of them, gosh, I might as well keep the bushes. We only get a handful here and there, but expect to get a bunch of them coming in the next few weeks. Although, we are leaving for our road trip this coming up Saturday. I can only hope for rain to keep everything alive. Our gardener only comes once a week, so we will see if he can keep everything alive.

Otherwise, this week B heads to the Ukraine for a business trip and we don’t have much planned – just a playdate or two and packing up for our trip!


One thought on “The weekend

  1. Love the photos! What a super camera – and what a super camera-woman!!! The new page ‘look’ is awesome, too!

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