Sorry I’ve been lacking in info lately. Our super good friend Courtney came to visit this past week and we have been wining and dining her all around the French Riviera. It was so much fun and it went by so fast and I could barely hold my tears this morning when I waved her off at the airport. As I was driving home, so many things ran through my mind – what I should’ve said to her as we were waving goodbye to each other – but I hate goodbyes – so we will leave it as a “see you later” and I know we will see each other later.

But, while she was here, we had a great time. We swept her up from the airport and headed straight over to the village of Valbonne for lunch and a stroll around the market. Another day we went to Cannes and another day in St. Paul de Vence. We had so many plans but the days just flew by. At least now, with a year under our belts, we have new and exciting places to take people.

I think the best day, though, was yesterday. B and Courtney went paragliding! I was too scared to go, but it was certainly very cool to watch!

I just dropped her off at the airport a few hours ago – had time to throw the sheets in the wash and now I have to go and pick up Sarah and her son! Whew – a whirlwind June!

More later (at least I will try).


2 thoughts on “Whirlwind

  1. I can’t wait for my visit! I want to be wined and dined around the riviera!! Have fun with your next set of visitors!

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