On our own

B is back in the states right now. I am very jealous that he is there. I really wanted to go back with him and kept pestering him if he knew for sure when he was going back. It ended up that his tickets weren’t booked until 3 days before he left so that gave me absolutely no time to find reasonably-priced tickets.


We are here and making the best of things. We have been really busy, which is good for the kids. We have like 4 birthday parties over this past week and next and countless playdates and baby groups to attend.

Yesteray we went for a playdate at one of Brannan’s schoolmates. They are a family from Iran and the mom made a wonderful lunch for us all. We had some beautiful rice with saffron and sour grapes on it alongside some chicken drumettes cooked in more saffron (I guessed – or it could’ve been curry powder – they were tinted in a yellow hue, so I’m not sure) and we had a traditional Iranian tomato salad too.

They were very VERY persistent about serving food and I had to say “no thank you” over a dozen times. The, they brought out a very “special” treat in a bottle. It said “yoghurt drink” on it and I was very very skeptical. She opened it up and poured a HUGE glass of it. I figured it was for her, but she put it in front of ME! Oh my gosh. Now, not only was it a yoghurt drink, but it was carbonated, and it was WARM! Ewwwww ugh. To top it all off, they were telling us how they have to have everything shipped over from Germany because they can’t find any of their Iranian food items here. I felt really bad – I didn’t want this drink at all, but I gave it a go because I didn’t want to be rude. Seriously, it was the most disgusting drink i’ve ever had. It was so salty it was like when your Mom makes you gargle salt water when you were a kid because you have a sore throat. It was all chalky too, like drinking Milk of Magnesia or something. Oh god. I felt so bad for leaving that full glass of salty/minty/chalky yoghurt drink on the table. I hope they drank it after I left.

Anyway, that was a pretty eye-opening experience. They are a very interesting family and I am guessing that they have a ton of money because their neighbor is the newly elected French president. Well, he doesn’t live there right now because he is in Paris or wherever. They were chatting about how they had so much “help” back in Iran – servants and au pairs – and they can’t get any help here in France. The father was saying that if he wanted a bottle of water and there wasn’t one in the house, he could call up someone and it would be delivered straight to their door and the delivery person would then open the bottle of water for him. They must have some clout. I was feeling a bit out of place because they were asking me what I do with my kids during the day and the summer – like I’m supposed to have a nanny or an au pair just living at the house! I said, well, uh, they are with me. Like, all the time. Pretty much every hour of the day. (and that is why I drink vodka.) Ha.

Anyway, after that playdate I took the kids to La Tasse du Couleur which is a paint your own pottery place. It is owned by two British women who are so super nice. The kids painted some things for Father’s Day and then we were off.

And they were out.

Now I am off to school to pick up the boy and then we have another birthday party this afternoon. Whew!

Off to wrap a present and wake up the baby…


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