I had to start out with pictures from the campground playground. I just love these pictures of Kiki. She is like a little dollie!


We went to dinner down by the sea where B had the best pasta bolognese of the whole weekend.

And Brannan seems a little too excited about the breadsticks he is about to eat.

That little girl loves her Daddy!

So, the day after we went to Pisa, we decided to take a little boat ride from our base town of Rapallo over to Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure. These towns are best accessible by boat because the roads are so narrow and the towns are so tiny and there isn’t much for parking.

Plus, taking a boat is fun! Especially for the kids and the dog (the dog not so much, but she had to go).

The picture below is probably one of the best pictures of Portofino. This is pretty much all there is of this little town. There isn’t much at all. There is a lighthouse at the end of the island, but we had the dog, no water for her or the kids and the clouds were rolling in. We figured we would hop on the next boat to the next town. My brother in law (Hi Lee!) would’ve loved all the wooden boats that were docked in the tiny harbour. There were a LOT!

Seems like everyone had their mouth full in this picture! We were having a little drink and some snacks on the Portofino port.

So, that was our adventure in Italy for the weekend. We left that night after our boat ride because the forecast was for rain (which proved true) and we luckily missed the earthquake as well.

I have a book called “1000 Places To See Before You Die” and Portofino is in the book (and really really hyped up, unfortunately). I really want to check off as many of these places while I can. We have a ritual to check to see if the places we travel to are in the book, and if so, Brannan gets to put a star sticker next to the place. Funny thing is, Pisa is not in the book, but Portofino is, and at least we got to put a little star next to Portofino this past weekend.


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