The leaning tower of Pizza

We went to Italy last weekend. We had to go and see the “Leaning Tower of Pizza” as B kept telling Brannan the whole way down there. It evolved into seeing the “leaning tower of broccoli” and the “leaning tower of cookies”, it turned into the leaning tower of every food-item that Brannan could think of. Then we started talking about Candy Mountain (thanks to Charlie the Unicorn), and when can we visit Candy Mountain (and why am I even capitalizing that as if it is an actual place?). It is sort of funny the things you talk about when you are listening to Italian talk-radio and you can’t understand a thing and you have two little children in the car.

Pisa was, well, Pisa. As pretty much everyone told us – there isn’t much around there that is overly scenic – the drive in the northern part of Italy is gorgeous and hilly – you pass through a tunnel at least one a mile and usually more, but then you get to the flatlands, and it is just, flat.

But we saw the leaning tower!!!

We had a wonderful lunch – probably the best meal I’ve had so far in Italy!

Gnocchi Gorgonzola – oh my goodness! With a bottle of prosecco. Yum.

Kiki was drinking Sprite… no prosecco for her!

I do have to admit, the food was fantastic. B ate pasta bolognese at each and every restaurant we went to and finished each and every plate. I had gnocchi gorgonzola (so.filling.and.delish.but.couldn’t.finish.), penne arribata and a fishy pasta dish that wasn’t so good, but that’s ok.

I did get a package of proscuitto at the market (along with 3 packages of paper-thin smoked pancetta – the closest I have come to american-style bacon) but we missed the limoncello.

We camped this trip – we dragged along our trailer full of goodies – new tents and tables and our old camping couch from the states that makes me so nostalgic whenever I pull it out of it’s tattered sleeve I almost cry for camping on Forest Service or BLM land. We have to camp in campgrounds here. We were literally right next to the Autostrade (freeway). It was not quiet or anything near close to the camping I am used to. I guess if you have a motorhome it would be ok, but, MAN, it was so LOUD at night!


We did get to go to Pisa and we also went to Portofino!

I will post more on Portofino tomorrow…



2 thoughts on “The leaning tower of Pizza

  1. Oh this brings back memories! Traveling Europe with five kids we couldn’t afford to stay in hotels, so we camped. I remember one place in Italy where my little sister (about Kiki’s age) disappeared. We were frantic looking for her. Then we saw the garbage man slowly making his way through the camp on a brilliantly colored donkey-drawn Sicilian cart – and there was my little sister sitting up proudly beside him having the ride of her life, greeting all the campers with the Queen’s wave. And then there was the camp with the hiccuping duck wandering around all night. And the camp in France where the mosquitoes were so bad we packed up and fled. And the camp in Denmark where we had an international game of football with a loaf of Danish rye that was too hard to cut with a knife…Good times!

    (And, yes, we do have photos with the same pose as Brannan!)

    • Wow – that sounds amazing! More amazing is how you remember it all. Ask my parents, I can barely remember what happened 5 years ago, let alone when I was a child. I literally have such few memories of being a kid, it is sort of strange. Maybe I erased too many of them in my college days? Ha ha! You have definitely had some AMAZING experiences in life and I am always eager to hear about them. I especially like the Denmark camping memory. Hilarious!

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