Back to school

Tomorrow the boy goes back to school. I thought that this two and a half week break would be hard to deal with, but we were actually quite busy this time and the kids didn’t get on each others nerves (too much) – of course, there were definitely moments, but, it wasn’t so bad really.

We went to Ireland and then B had quite a few days off with all these holidays – so they were always doing something outside or when it was raining we were watching movies and having some family fun time. We also went camping on Monday, just for one night, but it was fun enough. It was humourous, actually, when I went to register with the campground person, he sort of looked at me sideways and said that we were “voisins” or neighbors. I think he was curious why we were only an hour and a half away from home but wanted to camp in his campground.

Really, we wanted to try out our new tent and let the kids run around outside somewhere different. It was nice, too, because there wasn’t anyone else at the campground. It wasn’t too cold either – just about right, but I forgot socks of course so my feet were a little chilly in the night.

Yesterday, when we woke up, B went to do the Via Ferrata trail that was right by the campground. He said it was pretty fun because it was all along the river and had a nice zip line at the end. Brannan is just dying to go zip lining with B. He asks all the time. I think he just needs a couple more inches and then he will be able to go.

Today we went to the shopping mall as Brannan has worn the fabric off of his spiderman sneakers and I can’t wait for a mail order to arrive. I looked at some shoes that were 70 Euros! That is almost $100! I couldn’t believe it! For some children’s shoes that light up! The mall here is quite small and I was in the big anchor store so I was starting to feel a little skeptical about finding anything, but after looking all along the first floor, finally found a children’s store on the second floor and found a pair that he liked for only 20Euro. Not too bad, but gosh, I sure miss being able to go to Target and buying the next size up Spiderman shoes for only $17. I even bought him an extra pair over Christmas but he has already worn through those! Boys…

We then went to the grocery store and Kinnerly was so tired she started shrieking out at every single thing. Then Brannan stepped on my toe and the whole trip went downhill from there. I didn’t get half the items I needed and just wanted to get out of there.

Now she is sleeping and Brannan is playing outside (after I bribed him with a pistachio ice cream treat) and I think Brannan might be more excited to go back to school than me. Well, ok, maybe we are BOTH excited!


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