Back from Ireland

Well, we just got back from Ireland. We were there for a very quick 7 days and two of them were mostly travel, so, really, I count it as only 5 days. Five days is not enough to see the whole island! Nevertheless, we drove around the whole dang thing. The weather was surprisingly agreeable. It was drizzly some days, but on the day that we took a boat trip to the Cliffs of Moher, it was only partly cloudy and I got a few good shots of the cliffs.

It was an amazing trip and one that I’ve always dreamed of taking. Traveling with a family of four, though, wasn’t something that was included in those dreams – I always imagined B and I hopping from one pub to another, drinking beer and staying out at the pubs until late at night – so, this was a bit of a change from my dream – but a welcome one nonetheless.

We tried to arrive at our hotels/B&B’s in time for the children to have a good nights sleep. The longest we stayed in a single pub was for 3 beers! Yes! 3! We had to bribe the children with gelato from a store across from the pub, so that worked for one round. The traditional Irish and Scottish music peppered with a little U2 helped too. It was truly one of my best Ireland moments. Sitting in a pub with my family listening to U2 and having a beer. There were others too – like the little hike to the waterfall where I swore I saw the leaves and the grass and the moss glowing green. That was my “green” moment. It was so bright I couldn’t even capture it on my camera. I tried, and you can see in the pictures how I tried to photograph everything around me, but it just didn’t translate that well in the pictures.

The Cliffs of Moher were spectacular – I wish we had more time with them.

I think the next time we are going to narrow our vacation down a bit. Maybe fly into Dublin and just head to the west coast. There are so many other places on my list that I want to see and I would LOVE to go back for the big culinary festival that takes place in the south.

Well, what is done is done and in case I didn’t send you pictures via email or you didn’t see them on FB, you can check them out via the link below.


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