Easter weekend

We didn’t do much for Easter weekend. The kids hunted for eggs in the garden which was pretty fun and we spent most of the day just hanging around the house. We made a delicious dinner with filet and asparagus and potatoes dauphinoise. It was quite good.

The weather was warm and sunny – we spent the morning outside. Kinnerly helped me plant some tomato and cucumber plants. My garden has been overrun with raspberry sprouts so we decided to let them grow so we can have fresh raspberries. After lunch the boys went on a hike with some of B’s friends from work. Kinnerly napped for most of the afternoon and I had some nice quiet time.

Everyone in France has Easter Mondays off so we went for a drive along the coast.

We found some beautiful red rock areas – reminded me a lot of Sedona.

Well, everything except for the Sea that it borders!

We drove a little further up the coast from this point and found some nice sandy beaches. We had lunch at a little sandwicherie and then let the kids play on the beach. I collected a bunch of sea glass that I have fun dreams for!

This weekend, however, was rainy an full of inside activities and movies.

We ate lots because of the dreary weather. I didn’t share my macarons though!

However, I did share the GIANT pot of chili that I made yesterday. We shoul’ve shared it with the neighbors – I made WAAAAAY too much. Although, they probably wouldn’t like it because it is so spicy. So, I’ll freeze it.

The kids are on the verge of going stir crazy. Now I know why all those Londoners move to the C’ote D’Azur! To get their kids outside!

It was nice that we had a weekend indoors – we are just finishing up the details on our Ireland trip. We now have flights, a car and hotels for almost the whole time. It is a lot harder when you are switching places to stay every night. I just need to book two more nights and then we are off! Next weekend in fact! I can’t wait to have some pub food an some Guiness!



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