Weekly wrap-up

Not too much has happened around these parts. Everyone had Monday off for Easter so we had a nice trip down to the coast and had a long drive toward St. Tropez. We didn’t actually make it there, just stopped along the beach so the kids could play and we could have a couple of sandwiches. It was nice, though, to see another part of the area that I haven’t seen before.

This week has been cool and cloudy and a little rainy so we haven’t been out exploring too much.

Kinnerly got to start in on her giant chocolate chicken!

She was in love with the smell but didn’t quite know how to bite into the thing. I helped her out in the tail section, but she quickly moved on to the sparkling eggs that were underneath the chicken and much easier to eat.

There was a big Easter Egg Hunt at Brannan’s school that I helped out with (hence no pictures), but the children all got little bags full of chocolate eggs – waaaaaay too much chocolate in our house right now.


Trying to get Kinnerly to pose for a picture is pretty funny these days. Since I squat down, she squats down too to mimick me. It is just silly. Then we have this little convo that I just give up on: you stand up! I stand up, she stands up but the angle is terrible so I squat down, then she squats down. It is just a circle of madness. Then I give up and take a picture of her squatting, hoping that it will come out somewhat cute.


Kinnerly got her first coat of nail polish!

Look at those chubby little hands!


We had a big event planned this weekend with the PTA at school. We were going to head out to a planetarium close to Nice, but the weather has been terrible lately – overcast and rainy, similar to London weather – so that event had to be postponed until May.

Not sure how we are going to keep the kids entertained this weekend but I’m sure we will find something.


I am SO excited about our Ireland trip.
Today I got the car booked, a couple of more night stays and have everything printed out and ready (up until Wenesday). I only have a few more days to plan but can’t wait. B can’t either. He is sick with a cold and drained from work. He really could use a break.


Tonight I am going to break from the computer (except for Scrabble of course) and hang out with B for a little bit before we go to bed. I have spent so much time looking at B&B’s, doing PTA stuff and just general other stuff, my back actually hurts.

Yeah, yeah – you are saying “gawd! She lives in the South of France! Whine whine whine!”

C’mon – I was sick! I swear! My back really does ache!

And I miss my Mom and my Dad!
Hi Mom and Dad!


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