Biking in Arma di Taggia

Last Sunday we loaded up the trailer with our bikes and headed across the border into Italy to a little beach town called Arma di Taggia. I had been told by a friend at Brannan’s school that this was a great way to spend a Sunday, riding on the old train tracks that have been converted to a bike/footpath. We met up with some friends from school and off we went!

The ride there was really fast – our friends rented bikes (with gears of course – we only had our beach cruisers) and B and I were pedaling as fast as we could to keep up with them. It was pretty funny. I was expecting a leisurly beach bike ride but by the time we biked 11km I was ready for a drink of water!

We stopped at the next town over, in San Lorenzo al Mare, and picked a little restaurant to have lunch. It was right on the beach and the kids walked out to the sea to throw a few stones and play in the sand.

Here we are heading back.

We stopped in front of the big tunnel (1900 meters!) for a group shot.

At the tunnel we decided to split off because Brannan wanted to ride his bike since he rode in the trailer the way to the restaurant. This was for him after all! To our surprise, he biked pretty much the whole way back! 11 kilometers is quite a bike ride for a 4 year old! We got to enjoy the beach views a little bit too.

How can you end a long day of biking along the sea in Italy?

Gelato of course!!!



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