We went to the beach last weekend.

It was lovely. The sun was shining (of course).

B dug two huge holes for the kids to play in.

Kinnerly wanted to be in the big hole, of course.

The funny thing, though – while we were at the beach, there were ALL sorts of people there. There were topless 60-year olds, there were families with kids in swimsuits – there was us – then, there were people who still think it is winter – like this guy:

Don’t mind the diapered baby, but check out the guy in the full sweatsuit and the puffy jacket! It was literally almost 80degrees outside that day, probably higher! Brannan was swimming in the sea. Ok, I wouldn’t have done that, but if he could do it without blue lips, that’s pretty warm.

These, French, they are something else. They have thin blood, that is for sure. I went to the park the other weekend with a new (very) French friend, and she showed up, on a very sunny day, with a full puffy jacket, a scarf, pants and boots. I was in a t-shirt, sandals (of course) and a light long sleeve in case I got cold. I think I put it on just because everyone else had one on and I kept getting stares at my sandal-ed feet.

My other friend told me that the French are very adamant about their seasons. Spring does not start until X day, summer does not start until X day, etc. You aren’t supposed to go to the beach until a certain time (hence no one at the beach – bonus for us!), and you aren’t suppose to ditch your scarves at a certain date either. Sheesh, I think I wore a scarf about 6 days this winter – I really wish it was more, I love the winter so much. How I long for the days of slippers and stews and overcast snowy days.

Eh, maybe another assignment.

Otherwise, I’m trying to train a model:

But, every time I try to take a picture of her, I have to squat down (to get a good shot) and she just copies me – she has to squat down too. Then I try to make her stand up, I raise my arms in the air, I do all sorts of crazy dances, but sheesh, you know kids…

Still she is cute.

We went to a little dejunner this week too. At the horse stables in Villeneuve-Loubet. It was lovely. I had one of the best salads I’ve had yet here and she had some french fries. It was worth every penny.

This weekend we have the Knights Templar festival in Biot on Saturday and on Sunday we are going on a biking adventure in Italy!

Oh! Mon Dieu! J’aime la cote d’azur!



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