Happy Spring!

Spring is definitely here in full force. Everything is blooming and our irises are poking out of the ground and growing taller every day. I can’t wait for them to get full-sized!

Here is our tree next to the pool in full bloom:

We are spending most of our days outside – either at the playground or in the front yard playing cowboys and indians and blowing bubbles…

The French people still look at my sandaled feet and know I’m a foreigner. B said all of the ski equipment at the sports stores have been put away and all the summer camping gear is now on display. We are thinking about spring break too – we are planning on heading over to Ireland for a week or so. I have some guidebooks coming in the mail next week. Should be fun!

Happy Spring!

PS – the weather forecast is calling for rain tomorrow and Saturday but I’m not going to hold my breath like I did last weekend. Ha.


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