Quiet weekend

Last weekend was a quiet one. Our weather forecast was calling for rain both Saturday and Sunday so I prepared for being indoors. I gathered enough ingredients to make pierogies since I never got the chance to make them over Christmas. We started Saturday off nicely, with B and Brannan making breakfast for the girls and I peeled all the potatoes for pierogies. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, however, and I knew that those conditions would make B restless inside.

Well, I ended up making only a couple of dozen pierogies – it is a lot easier to do when you have more hands and I just threw in the towel and put everything in the fridge. I pulled it all out again today but as the day gets longer and longer, I am probably going to use the excuse that I need to go and get Brannan at school and put it all back in the fridge again. Not to mention that B will be working late every night and really, all the kids want to eat is Macaroni and Cheese (thank you Mom and Dad and Sandi for sending us boxes and boxes!) and my attention.

Anyway, our Saturday, St. Patrick’s Day, was spent sitting outside on our camp chairs, watching the kids play with their Easter goodies and us sipping tiny beers.

What a difference a few years makes. Six or eight years ago, we would be really whooping it up at the bars, pretending we were Irish to keep up with the other college kids. Time really does fly by. I can’t believe Brannan will be 5 and Kinnerly is almost 2 and we live in the South of France! A LOT of things have changed and a LOT of us have grown up. I spent a lot of time over the weekend thinking about all the grown up things we have to do – we have very hard decisions to make and I am not looking forward to the days when my own kids will have to make big decisions on their own accord. I want to be in this limbo for a long time – with two totally innocent children who listen to (almost) every word we say, go to bed when we tell them to, stay asleep all night until the sun comes up, and just, I guess, innocent. I want to be able to ski with them all climb the big jungle gyms at Fun City. I guess I want to live in NeverNever Land.

Unfortunately, we all get dropped back off at home again through our open windows.

I guess it has to happen at some point… but I’m not going to lie – I’m not looking forward to it. I’m scared, so I’m going to bury my head in their blankies and let Kinnerly have her passifier for another month and try to stuff Brannan into his 4T clothes when he really could probably move on to 5T.

So, today is the first day of spring – more change – I think our clocks are going to change soon – France does things on her own calendar. I guess I’ll know when I look at my phone and I’m either late or early.

I grabbed a bunch of tulips for only a couple Euro at the store and on the way home from school I pulled a few branches off of a blooming tree. I think they are cherry blossoms – they smell FANTASTIC!

Speaking of fantastic – she is so fantastic that she can play with monster trucks AND look cute! (I wish it was in focus, but oh well)

She is a character and getting more animated every day. Last night she was playing with Brannan and they were jumping on the couch and running down the hall – Brannan was doing his stunt-man moves and it was hilarious watching her try to emulate him. She runs as fast as she can up to the couch, slaps the leather and smashes her head into it, all while making the same “ooooo, ooooch, ouch” noises that Brannan does.

It is terror trying to do her hair.

But when she starts screaming “MAMA! MAMA!” from her crib every morning, it makes me smile.


2 thoughts on “Quiet weekend

  1. I worry about them having to make those decisions too, but I would rather they make them rather than bury their heads in the sand and avoid them. And 6 or 8 years ago, most of us were no longer college students, but we sure did try and keep up.. hahahahahaha

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