Today was a glorious day.

Sure, when I went upstairs to get Kinnerly out of bed, I raised up her electronic shutters and saw frost all over the garden and on the tiles of the roof. I knew it wouldn’t stick around for long though because the forecast for today was to be 16 inland and possibly 18 on the coast. That is just perfect weather for me!

I suggested we head to the beach this morning and Kinnerly kept saying “BEESH! BEESH!” over and over. Brannan said “or, Kikums, how about the prayground?” (one word I haven’t had the heart to correct yet because he is getting so big and these cute little words have almost vanished since he has gone to school). Kinnerly kept saying “BEESH! BEESH!” and brother would say, “but the prayground is so much fun, wouldn’t you rather do that, say YES!” and he shakes his head violently up and down so she will copy him. Today, she didn’t! So, I made an executive decision to go to the beach! And it was a great decision, indeed.

We had the entire stretch of beach to ourselves. Not another single sun-worshipper in the area. We spread out our blanket and our sand toys right in front of B’s workplace, so once noon rolled around, there were plenty of people walking along the pedestrian-way, dressed in their coats and their scarves, probably laughing at our little family playing in the sand and the sun.

I still can’t get over the people here. They think 68 degrees is cold! It is so strange. One day, it was probably about 52 degrees out and I literally saw a woman wearing earmuffs to the grocery store!!!! WTH? I have no idea. Maybe I have super hot blood from living in the desert for so long? Strangers tell me my children are cold when they aren’t wearing jackets (how do they know? they are my children!), they tell me I’M cold (!!!) when I wear sandals in the winter. Hm.

Anyway, the kids played and had a great time – I played a few Scrabble games on my phone, built some sandcastles with them, walked down the beach with Kik while she ran away from the waves.

Brannan even finally claimed that it WAS a good day to go to the beach.

Although, an hour after we got home he said to me “I wish Dad was home – he is a lot more fun than you are.”

Pssssssshhhhhhhh. There goes the wind out of my sails.

S’ok though. I know they still had fun in the moment. And I did too.


3 thoughts on “Beach!

  1. Yes, the iPhone is a true wonder! I don’t even bother with a point-and-shoot anymore because my old one took worse pictures than my phone did. I almost didn’t go for the iPhone but Sandi rejoyced in hers so when we moved to France, we both got iPhones – they are seriously the best! And you can get all sorts of fancy Apps that make the pictures look cool like that. Makes your photography look even better! 😉

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