Hunkey-dorey (NOT)

Yeah, so, sometimes things aren’t all roses and sunny days here. Ok, well, pretty much ALL the days here are sunny – I seriously doubt I’ll ever live somewhere that isn’t sunny! It just follows me everywhere and there are quite a few days where I just WISH that it was cold and overcast and I could make a big pot-au-feu and play Chutes and Ladders on the floor with the kids! But no, of course not, it is ALWAYS sunny and Kinnerly just HAS to go outside and wander around in the garden, and I just HAVE to go with her so she doesn’t fall into the icy pool. Ah well.

Anyway, so things lately haven’t been so hunkey-dorey.

First, I fell down the stairs – AGAIN! I think this time is worse. It has been a week now and whenever I bend over I get these horrible pins and needles in the muscle in my back that I landed on. I don’t think anything can be done about it because it is my lower back muscle, not my spine, thankfully, I think I just bruised it so bad that it isn’t even manifesting itself as a bruise yet (although I have a good sized one, about the size of a calzone, and about as colorful as one, on my lower back). But, getting in and out of my little Italian sportscar (yeah, right, although it is Italian), hurts like the dickens, and if Kinnerly has been playing with the remote and has popped the trunk open, I silently curse her for having to get in and out of the car again to close it. Ugh.

On top of that, I didn’t mention that the weekend I took Brannan up skiing, a little novice skier totally plowed into me and messed up my right knee something fierce. It is still painful and I don’t know what is wrong with it. I can’t squat properly without EVERYTHING hurting – gawd, I sound so freaking old!

Since I couldn’t ski last weekend, B took Brannan up for his lessons and I stayed home with Kinnerly. I decided to make a delicious pot of shredded pork chili verde. I bought some piment verts (green peppers) and had no idea if they were going to be hot or not. They looked like a cross between a jalapeno and a green chili, at least the size of them. So, I roasted them on the stove, stewed them up and blended them up with some onions and garlic and spices and stuff. It turned out AWESOME! Pretty spicy, but just what we need as they don’t like too much spice here in France. So, that whole dinner turned out great, but then I went to make some brown-butter cocoa brownies the next day for all of the teachers at Brannan’s school. And, for some reason, all of the hotness from the peppers stayed in the pot and leached into the brownie mixture. Long story short – another FAIL! I made a whole SLEW of tiny heart shaped brownies in a silicone mold that are really pretty spicy. Too spicy to give out as gifts, that is for sure. Especially in France. I contemplated calling them “spicy brown butter cocoa brownines” but knowing how they like stuff here, I figured that no one would like my cooking from now on if I gave those out. Plus, B backed up that thought about 200%. Arrrr!

Today I woke up with a serious sore throat, thought I had strep throat as it is going around school (along with scarlet fever!) and after dropping Brannan off this morning, went to the pharmacy without a single Euro or my credit card in my purse! And, of course, you can’t even pay with other credit cards here, they just don’t work. Then, had to drive all the way back home to retrieve everything and with a 20-month old (TODAY!!!!!! Happy 20-month birthday Kiki!!!!), nothing comes quickly.

On top of it all, I totally screwed up my imported Annie’s Mac n Cheese dinner tonight by putting too much salt in the water! The kids wouldn’t even eat it!

So, after all that, I’m going out on a much-needed girl’s night out tomorrow night before B goes away to Siberia (literally) next week.

As for tonight, I’m calling it, with the few remaining Ny-Quill capsules I have left.

One thing that does make me happy?
My fridge covered with drawings that Brannan made tonight of his whole family (he is always the biggest smiley face) – even the dog!

And, Kinnerly having way too much fun at a friends house:

Another weekend is just around the corner…


2 thoughts on “Hunkey-dorey (NOT)

    • Aww, you are sweet Mom Sullivan! I know it will pass, sometimes you just have to vent a little, no? My parents brought me jalapeno seeds so I am going to try to grow them this summer! Hope you are doing well and enjoying the winter (or lack thereof!). 😉

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