Snow and cold

Well, what a change a week (or two – sorry!) has made!

We have had snow and cold and more cold and frozen-over-pools and more cold! Believe me, I am totally enjoying it.

Since we last went up to the ski hill two weeks ago, we got a major storm that dumped a ton of snow up there – and down at our house too! There is still snow in the shady patches of our garden, it has been that chilly during the day.

We also enrolled Brannan in a few ski lessons and he really enjoys it as he is going with his bestest friend from school and it is just the two of them and the instructor. We were sortof late getting there last weekend because EVERYONE from the city wanted to go skiing too – not to mention that we forgot to fill the car up with gas and there aren’t Circle K’s on every corner to fill up at. So, we started out in a timely fashion, but had to come back down the hill after looking for a gas station – not to mention it was Sunday and EVERYTHING is closed on Sundays here. Anyway, we got up there with minutes to spare – we got priority spots in the rental queue and we were off to the lessons!

(Brannan is the little guy second in from the right looking like a penguin with his arms out)

(This one is of Brannan getting himself up the tow rope – he is the last little kid – his instructor is right behind him and his friend is in front of him in the green ski suit.)

So, that was super fun and I am looking forward to another lesson this weekend. I think by this weekend he will be able to do the T-lift by himself. We did it a bunch together after his lesson last week so he is really getting the hang of it, but I think he just might need some help at the end getting the T out from between his legs, but that isn’t a big deal.

Also last weekend we went on a little local winery tour which was actually quite nice. The furthest winery we went to was probably only about an hour away but we stopped at two other ones before that so it broke up the trip a lot. The kids were actually really good about it too.

Here is one of the sculptures outside of the first winery:

The Medaille D’Or:


The Cave

We have been busy. The days and weeks are flying by. We are already almost halfway into February. A few more months and we will have almost been here a year.

I’m looking forward to the birth of a friend’s baby – I can’t wait to hold a little newborn again! And hopefully to a vacation with some friends! We will see if it all pans out. Today, though, we are off to a birthday party!



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