Things we are doing

Hi there! Last week we took the kids to Disney sur Glace, or in English, Disney on Ice. It was fun because one of the mom’s from Brannan’s school purchased a bunch of tickets all together so the kids had others their age to watch it with. Plus, we all pretty much like to hang out with each other so we could have some adult conversation, and mostly, the kids had their friends to play swords with their spinning light thingies. Ugh, sorry, this whole paragraph stinks of poor grammar but I know you just want to see the pictures anyway (right Mom!?).

Kinnerly was entertained for the first 15 minutes, then it lost its luster. What can I say about a 19-month old? She hates the television, loves to color, loves music and to dance – totally the opposite of her brother, which is super cool to see.


When we first moved here, my wonderful SIL told me that Mandelieu (a suburb of Cannes) is the Mimosa Capitol of the World! I was so excited! Mimosas! In the morning! One of my favorites! I then did a search on it and found out that there is a tree called the Mimosa tree! I was dreaming of trees in bloom with these little jewels dangling from the branches:

To my dismay, this is the real world and the trees are actually really pretty while they are in bloom, there aren’t tiny cocktails hanging from the branches. But, it is so unseasonably warm right now (just my luck) that the trees are already blooming and they aren’t supposed to bloom until March!

This is a mimosa tree just down the street from us in bloom:

The color of the blooms are so striking though – just the same color as an actual Mimosa cocktail.

So, as it has been so unseasonably warm – we are trying on our winter clothes – just for fun – wishing we could wear them for real.

And, we took our winter clothes to the closest ski resort, which is only an hour away, this past weekend and went sledding! It was so much fun. The owner of our house left their sled here so we had one at our disposal and Brannan wanted to do it over and over again. Kinnerly picked up Brannan’s cold that he had last week so she wasn’t in the best mood, but she still wanted to sled. It was so warm, the sledding “hill” was made up of man-made snow and was pretty short, but it was fun nonetheless.

B and Brannan coming down the hill:

As you can see from around the “sledding hill”, everything is totally brown and dry – nary a patch of snow even. Yes, here in France, they even have man-made snow…

But, like I said, we still had a LOT of fun! Brannan only wanted to ride with Mommy so I did 3/4 of the runs, which was actually super fun and I didn’t mind at all. We then had lunch at one of the Chalet’s and discussed our February vacation to the Alps for a ski vacation. I think we might go with the ski vacation. We have debated Rome and Barcelona, but Brannan just keeps saying that he wants to ski and sled and skate, so we should probably wear his little body out with cold weather activities while we can. Although it isn’t set in stone – we went to the sports store today and I got a pair of ski pants (white even!)! So, it might just happen. But, that is after B goes to Siberia for a work trip. YES! SIBERIA RUSSIA! IN FEBRUARY!!!!! Funny, no?

Today is B’s birthday and he is picking up the boy from school so I better go get started on his birthday dinner.



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