Some fun little tidbits

I bought this baguette on the way home from dropping Brannan off at school today:

There is a certain flair that the employees have when they grab your bread and twist the little paper around the loaf and hand it over. They have just the right amount of twist to keep the paper fastened securely around the fresh baguette. They do it so fast and so often it is second nature to them.

I didn’t really want or need a baguette – I stopped into the Boulangerie/Patisserie because really I was looking for some chouquettes.

(I can’t figure out why I can’t insert a link but if you want to see a link about them, check out this post:

They didn’t have any so I bought some bread instead. Chouquettes are so amazing – they are basically little cream puffs without the cream – my French version of a freshly glazed donut. Last week at a meeting at school I think Kinnerly ate about 20 of them. I’ll admit I had a few too. We had just the plain ones with the pearl sugar on them, but since having them I have been on the hunt for them ever since. I have only visited a few patisseries and I’m not sure if they are store-specific or day-specific or what. I am going to have to ask some of the French Moms at school this afternoon.


The other week we learned from our French teacher that all bottles of wine from the Bordeaux region are the same shape – at least in France. She told me to go to the grocery store and check. And I did! Voila!

They don’t care so much about the other wines – those bottles are all shapes and sizes. One other thing I noticed about wine here as compared to the States is that there aren’t all those silly lables! There aren’t any Flying Dog’s or monkeys on unicycles – these people take their wine seriously! No joking allowed! Personally, I don’t know much about wine so I usually base my buying on the silly labels. Now I have to look at the wine lables and the region and the type. I do know that I like Chateauneuf du Pape – we had a bottle on Sunday night with some delicious grilled steaks (found a giant hunk of meat and cut our own steaks – nice and thick!)


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