The week

This fall B has been getting into going to the local trails and has been getting Brannan really excited about it all too.

He now has a climbing harness and new rock climbing shoes and even a helmet! Ok, well, he is using his Lightning McQueen biking helmet, but hey, if it keeps his head safe from falling rocks, I’m ok with that. For the past few nights after Brannan gets home from school he has been asking to go “zip-lining” with B and while I was fixing dinner one night they all headed upstairs for their own version of zip-lining. On the bunk beds!

He had so much fun he was sweating when they came down for dinner!

Also this week I think I drove about 20 hours back and forth to Brannan’s school and PTA lunches and school meetings. It was insane. One day we had a PTA lunch at the Country Club! I took Kinnerly with me of course and I am always nervous going to these things with her because they usually last over 2 hours and sitting at a fancy lunch isn’t the easiest with an 18-month old. Flying across the ocean isn’t easy with her either, but that is another story.

So, here we are, heading into the Country Club:

After about 15 minutes and going through pretty much all of the food that I brought, this is what she looked like:

She was surprisingly good for the 2.5 hour meeting and I actually got to enjoy my lunch (a delicious skewer of salmon, scallops and shrimp with a creamy risotto and baby arugula) and I didn’t have to leave early!

Otherwise, it is still unseasonably warm here (at least I think so from what I hear on the radio). So much so that I am still wearing sandals in the afternoon – and I often get chided about it at the school pickup.

Speaking of the radio – there is one radio station here that is an English-speaking station and it is on all the time in both cars. The music they play is, um, from every era, and usually not that good but I like to listen to it because they play BBC news on the hour and it is pretty much the only time that I get news. Anyway, they play a LOT of the same songs during our morning drive and for some reason, Kinnerly LOVES the song “Last Friday Night” by Katy Perry and whenever it comes on she does her little carseat dance which consists of her pointing her index finger and moving it up and down. It is hilarious.

Today is Sunday and we don’t have much for plans – I think we may head down to the beach this afternoon and play in the sand.

à bientôt!


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