On sale today

Today we stopped at the grocery store to pick up some milk and bread and of course we had to cruise by the dessert counter just to “look” I swear!

Lo and behold – on sale today!

16 MACARONS for only 5 €!

I asked for an assortment of flavors. We have chocolate, champagne, speculoos, pistachio, apricot and strawberry. YUM!

Besides the constant sunshine, the warm weather, the nice people, the fantastic croissants, the sea, what else do you need? Macarons!


7 thoughts on “On sale today

  1. That sounds yummy, I love caramel and used to burn sugar in the pan as a homemade candy when I was a kid(we were poor). Never heard of delta cookies.
    We can get authentic macaroons in Walpole at LA Burdick, if you ever come to NH with Sandi we will have to go

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