When did my computer start confusing my phone with my husband’s phone? Whenever I plug it in to the computer it always reads “B’s phone”. Hmm.

I “rented” a video for Brannan while we were on vacation, but, unfortunately, tried to download it at the SLC airport and of course, they have a bandwidth restriction so I couldn’t download the whole thing – but, once I got back to France I downloaded the rest of it and now I can’t find it anywhere on my iPad. It is lost in the ether. $3.99 to rent nothing. Hmm.

I love my new tiny little iPod that I got for a free replacement. It is so tiny though I fear I am going to lose it in the netherlands of my purse. It really is only slightly bigger than a 2Euro coin and smaller than a pack of Tic-Tac’s. I need a carrying case for it or else it might just squirm out when I go through a roundabout too fast and my whole handbag dumps over and everything spills out onto the floorboards.

How come there are now TWO folders containing pictures (most of the same pictures too) on my phone? I have no idea! I never created another one and it just appeared there.

In other non-related-i-things (but you can still find an i in there somewhere). It was so cold out this morning there was a very thick layer of ice on the car. Brannan enjoyed it.

We had a lazy weekend – I claim it was recovering from jet lag.

And I can finally put Kinnerly’s hair into a little ponytail in the back – although I still prefer the antennae pigtails on the top of her head.

We had our first French test this morning. I did rather poorly on the passe compose section and I really need to study more in that area – otherwise, I felt pretty good about the whole thing. But now I need to get the kids in bath and bed and do a little more homework while I wait for B to get home.

Enjoy your nIght!


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