Another holiday

Today is Epiphany or The Epiphany (?)  – I’m not too sure, but I had to go to the grocery store for some (ahem) weekend supplies (adult beverages), and noticed a display at the entrance with these little puff pastry cakes with a king’s hat on top – all in one package. I also noticed the frantic woman in front of me who quickly snatched up two of them and hurried straight to the checkout counter and I wondered what was going on? Why are these little cakes so important today?

So, I whipped out my iPhone, googled “king cake, France” and by piecing out information from yesterday (a friend was asking if there was actually school today or not because of the holiday), I figured it must be because of this Ephiphany holiday!

From Wikipedia:


In France people eat gâteau des Rois in Provence (made of brioche) or the galette des Rois (puff pastry with almond cream) in the northern half of France and Belgium. This is a kind of king cake, with a trinket (usually a porcelain figurine) or a bean hidden inside. The person who gets the piece of cake with the trinket becomes “king” for a day.


So, I picked one up, along with my other grocery item and headed home to make a dinner that took me TWO HOURS to make and another fail because everyone hated it. Well, the boy only ate it because I threatened that if he didn’t eat dinner he wouldn’t be allowed cake.

He ate dinner and we got into PJ’s and finally started to slice up the cake. I made the first cut and I asked Brannan where he wanted his cut to be. He could have half the cake, 3/4 of the cake or only a sliver – but, he chose a reasonable slice – told me EXACTLY where to cut it, and of course, when I cut into it, I hit the little trinket – SPOT ON! I couldn’t believe it! The luck!

I think I should let him choose my next scratcher tickets!

I just kept looking at B in wonder saying “I can’t believe that he chose this spot!”

So, there was a little “Tintin” figurine inside the cake and Brannan got to be “King” for the day.

Or, at least for another 20 minutes before we brushed teeth and went to bed.


3 thoughts on “Another holiday

  1. Well, the Christmas season is officially over. I hope your Montana Christmas was the best ever. And Happy Epiphany to you all! The Epiphany is my birthday and Josie sang Happy Birthday to me and gave me a HAND-made card (a fingerpainted hand print on the front). The family took me to dinner where Josie didn’t get a crown, but she got a couple of little black beans which she picked off the cleared table of some nearby dining guests. They were gracious about it and Josie was gracious enough to say, “Thank you” and “Bye-bye.” Josie misses Brannan.

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