I find it interesting how different people use the word “home” in their daily interactions.

I always equate “home” with (for lack of being cheesy), where the heart is.

Home is where I am at the moment, where my family is, where my friends are.

While I was in Montana over the holidays, I remember texting my sister-in-law (which is practitcally another sister to me) – she was asking where I was running around town and I simply texted back – “done with doc’s, on way home”.

I have heard the word used so many different ways. Maybe people are “home-sick”? They want to be where they grew up? They want their home to be the place where their parents are? I guess it is different for everyone.

Anyway, we are back home, in France, where our worldly belongings are, where our dog is, where our pillows and our books and our comfort-things are, our home for the moment. We had a wonderful vacation full of food and fun and togetherness and cousins and bonfires and indulgences and paying-for-our-indulgences. We are back to routines – bath time, story time and bed time, school and work and parenting.

And looking forward to the next time when we can call our home-away-from-home “home”.


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