Signs signs everywhere… ok, you know the song…

When we went to Toulouse the other weekend for a Christmas party (yes, driving for 10 hours for a Christmas party – what?), when we went to breakfast, the kids were given a little magazine to color and to look at. I couldn’t even look at the magazine that morning, let alone a glass of orange juice or even a piece of bread – BUT, that’s a different story – Brannan was looking at the magazine the other day and I was quizzing him on the signs.

There is a page of street signs that are common in France.

Dead End

You know – all the normal (kindof) signs.

He knew pretty much all of them until we got to the last one.

I said, “buddy, what does this sign mean?”
He said: “that means spaceships are allowed!”

Of course! Why didn’t I think of that?

And, honestly, I STILL don’t know what that stupid sign means. Does it mean that the road narrows? Does it mean that another road intersects the main road? I have NO idea. I have a feeling I am not going to pass my French driving test.


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