Christmas Spectacular and a little pet

Today was Brannan’s first Christmas show! It was a “spectacular” with the children from the whole school participating. Of course, the Maternelle (preschool) section was the first to perform because their attention span is that of a baby raccoon and asking 4 teachers to keep 35 preschoolers entertained and quiet during a Christmas Spectacular is like asking someone to watch Glee. Oh, sorry if you like that show – I don’t get it.

Anyway, we got to the show early, picked our seats about 6 rows from the front and sat and sat and waited and tried to keep Kinnerly entertained by plying her with gummy worms and passifiers and juices. Finally, after only a 10 minute late start (amazing!), the show started and the tears started to well up in my eyes. I have no idea why I always cry at these things, but I swear, when I saw my neice in her Aladdin play last year, I was crying like a baby! Of course, I was hiding my tears at that show by laughing and clapping, but why is it that kids are so darn cute when you ask them to memorize songs and sing and dance and gesture and wear silly looking costumes? I have no idea, but, it was just so dang cute!

Brannan was one of the toys that comes to life in a Nutcracker-esque themed scene and it was just adorable! I only have video and haven’t figured out how to upload it yet, and doubt really that you want to watch 20 minutes of a bunch of preschoolers that you don’t know on stage, but of course, I had to have it for posterity. The best part? Well, they did songs in English and in French! They did “Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer” in English and some song about Le Petit Garcon (the little boy) or something like that in French – it was a little hard to decipher the words with the kids singing – and I was watching Brannan and he didn’t really know the words too well. But, still, it makes you go “awwwwwwwww” and fold your hands up next to your cheek and tilt your head to the side and make a little frowny face and just want to hug them all.

Ah, the sweetness of Christmas!

I got a little bunch of flowers for Brannan for after the show and he just adored them – I have no idea what I am going to do when they die and we are going to have to throw them away.

Speaking of dying…

So, we went “camping” a while ago – probably like 5 or 6 weeks ago – just for the night, and Brannan found a little tiny worm while we were hanging around our camping spot. Let me tell you, Brannan is totally SCARED of bugs, like screams when he sees ants and spiders – anything that is a tiny little bug. I am guessing it is because of me. When we were back in Tempe, there were a few times, very rare times, when there would be the biggest most gargantuan roach in our front bathroom and I would FREAK OUT. Like, slam the door, put towels in front of the door crack so the thing wouldn’t escape and scream and pace and walk in circles saying to myself “eeeeeewwwwww grossssss, I CAN’T kill it, please please please just go back down the drain where you came from!!!!! please please please, I hate you and you creep me out and you don’t ever die when I try to kill you or smash you with my heavy shoes and why do you keep on living?!?!” Ick, it is creeping me out just thinking about it and I haven’t seen a roach yet in France and thank you very much roaches, just stay in Arizona. So, I think Brannan noticed that when he was little and got this phobia of all bugs in general. I finally just got him warmed up to snails because we have like a scrillion of them in our garden. Anyway, he found this worm and for some unknown reason, he wanted to bring this worm home. He named the worm Zeffie Worm for lack of any sort of creativity and we put him in a fish-bowl shaped vase, gave him some dirt and some flakes of bread and set him in Brannan’s room to be his pet. Well, needless to say, I think the worm died like within hours of being in our house, but Brannan just kept saying that he was “sleeping.” Ha ha. So, B and I would just laugh and ask him every few days how Zeffie Worm was, and he would say “well, he’s doing good, he’s still sleeping.” Ha.

So, finally, last night, I decided it was time to dispose of Zeffie Worm because he was going to disintegrate into dust if I didn’t do something soon. Then, while the kids were in the bath, I dumped the tiny worm (that was literally like 6 ants long and weighed just about as much) into the trash. And, while downstairs, I wrote this little note and put it into the vase:

I thought it was cute and nice and would be a good segue from life to, well, ok, I am totally avoiding death here, but, from life to – trash I guess?

Well, he didn’t notice the note last night, but he DID this morning! Oy vey! The poor little guy was literally in tears! He was so so super sad that Zeffie Worm left him and went to be a butterfly! B was upstairs doing the morning routines with the two kids, brushing their teeth and getting them dressed, and I finally turned off my phone (Scrabble!) and went up to see what was taking so long to get downstairs. I walk into Brannan’s room and his eyes are all red and he is literally shedding tears, he is so sad that Zeffie Worm left him a note and went away. B was trying his best to console him, but he had to leave the room because he was laughing so hard and didn’t want Brannan to see. Oh my! It was funny and sad all at the same time. The poor little guy was so sad that he wanted to bring the note to school to show his friends.

And, well, you know 4-year-olds (the whole baby raccoon thing), by the time I gave him a chocolate chip granola bar for breakfast (not the norm, I SWEAR!), he had fogotten all about it.

It was a busy day today.

One for the memory books.


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