Thanksgiving and Milk Duds

Ok, ok. I know it is a little late, but we actually had a great Thanksgiving here in France!

We went over to B’s boss’ house where they hosted a traditional American Thanksgiving for 30 people! Yes – 30! They ordered a turkey from a specialty store just outside of Paris and it was around 25lbs or something crazy like that. I have never seen a turkey this big in any of the stores!

It was super and delicious and awesome and it was my first Thanksgiving for 30. I made a last minute sweet potato casserole with marshmallows on top (something I have never made before), and it was all gone so I guess it was a hit!

B carved the turkey – what an honor!

Brannan was the head of the kids table!

And, we had the proper starchy, void of anything green, typical American Thanksgiving plates. And it was soooooo delicious! And, I have too many exclamation points!!!

It was a great Thanksgiving and we even had a “redo” at our house the next day. Just the four of us, but it was a LOT less traditional with both kids freaking out at one point or another, getting up every 5 minutes for something for someone and just generally not really a Thanksgiving. But, at least we had leftovers – something I truly love – and I think I ate turkey sandwiches for about 5 meals straight, complete with cranberry sauce (yes, the Ocean Spray kind, it only cost 3Euro for a super tiny jar), and traditional stuffing. It was so good and it will tide me over until next year. I have to make a mental note to bring back poultry seasoning from my next trip to the states though. Acutally, that reminds me, you should SEE my “list” for the states. It is in super tiny print and contains things like children’s gummy vitamins to Milk Duds. Yes, yes – there are days when seriously, you just need a Milk Dud or two, or three. And all the French chocolate in the country won’t suffice. I know, you are probably rubbing your forefinger and your thumb together playing that little “tiny violin” for me and saying, “awwww, poor Cathi, she is living in the South of France and she can’t get a stinking MILK DUD!”


After living for 36 years with Milk Duds at your disposal, it just seems totally unfair!

So, this post started with turkey and ended up being more about chocolate covered caramels. And, tomorrow, it will be 37 years. Ugh. Another year.

Let’s just skip the birthday wishes, shall we? I want to be 27 again!

And, I apologize for not posting a lot lately, I have been having MAJOR problems with my computer and especially with uploading pictures on WordPress and we all know a blog entry is absolutely NO FUN without pictures, so I didn’t think it would be nice to just post words…

Happy December 9th! My last one being 36…


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving and Milk Duds

  1. Milk Duds. When I spent three years in Italy as a kid, the thing we all craved the most was American potato chips. No one in Europe had figured out how to make potato chips. I’m sure we were better off without them, but we still craved them.

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