Catching up

Whew! Sorry it has been so long since I have posted! I have been so super busy. I went to London to visit with my sister for a long weekend (which was absolutely fabulous, more on that later) and have been busy with French lessons and weekend outings – all sorts of things! I can’t believe it is already Thanksgiving week! I am really going to miss out on those Black Friday deals – well, not too much, but I would usually go out to Target for a few items. Oh, Target, how I miss thee…

Anyway, today has been chuck full of excitement! Here’s proof:

Yes – believe it or not, I got a flat tire today! Add to that list the Mercedes I totally destroyed the drivers side while scraping it along our wall, the side mirror on the VW that I almost ripped off and now has a huge scratch, oh and the huge dent on the side of the Alfa Romeo because of the pole I parked a little too close to. Ooops.

And, this wasn’t just a flat tire, it was a blow out that made the baby cry after she heard it.

I swear, they need to make the roads a little wider here.

I’ve had so many tire blow-outs my parents actually gave me a speed wrench as a present back in high school. I was doing really good until I came here. Driving is just a LOT different!

So, B was at work obviously and he is almost half an hour away and I didn’t feel like sitting in the car so I decided to start walking home. B had his motorcycle anyway so it isn’t like he could’ve given us a ride. And, you know what, the funny thing is, this morning when I was driving Brannan to school, I thought to myself “gee, I should really put the stroller in this car in case we need to go somewhere after the drop off.” Yeah, uh, probably should listen to myself a little more often.

I packed up the little baby backpack that was in the car, grabbed one of the 10 bottles of water that are always rolling around in the cars (thanks to B and his obsessive compulsive thing to grab a bottle of water before he goes anywhere and then just leaves them in the car when he gets home), and put the baby on my shoulders and started walking up the hill.

Granted it was only a few kilometers, but it was UPHILL! And I had a 25lb baby on my shoulders!


We made it home after about 40 minutes – right as B was arriving home, of course.

Now I have to go and get dinner started and play some Scrabble on my iPhone because it is my new obsession.

I’ll leave you with a funny picture of Brannan in a little tiny tent. It makes me laugh!


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